On a weekly basis we will be publishing in this section books and reports on the art market.

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  _15 This week we recommend reading Edward Winkleman’s How to Start and Run a Commercial Art Gallery. From someone
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_14 For this week we recommend The Auctioneer. Adventures in the Art Trade, the memoirs of Simon de Pury, a
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_13 Our recommendation for this week is this fascinating book by Tim Schneider, entitled The Great Reframing: How Technology Will—and Won’t—Change
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_12   This week’s recommendation is about one of the most emblematic French gallerists, Daniel Templon. A History of Contemporary Art,
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_11 Back from the summer break, we resume our weekly recommendations on art market books. For anyone who has ever
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_10 If you are considering opening an art gallery or -you already did! You shouldn’t let another day pass by
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