The Future of the Art Market and the role of galleries is a collaborative project with the mission to foresee how the art market will evolve in the next decade, open a space of debate and reveal the major challenges within the art gallery sector. Today’s context is key for anticipating the future, so we have taken up the task of asking a wide and varied group of leading professionals of the art market world—gallerists, collectors, artists, auctioneers, curators, and others—specific questions about the way in which they envisage the future.

This questionnaire addresses the most fundamental concerns such as the changing ecosystem, the online market, and the relationship among galleries, fairs and auction houses. All answers have been gathered together with the aim to compromise a non-profit hard copy publication.

The survey was first conceived in spring 2018. In light of the health emergency situation due to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 globally, a lot has changed since in the art world. In order to reflect upon the impact of the present crisis and how the art market will evolve in the near future, in May 2020 the questionnaire has been updated with an additional question (#6) and invites all participants to share their insights in response to the new context.

The publication will be addressed to all art professionals with an interest in the art market and the gallery entrepreneurship. It will provide valuable knowledge and set a platform of debate to help make strategic decisions, rethink and anticipate. The release date is scheduled for July 2020.

This project is an initiative of Llucià Homs, cultural consultant and director of Talking Galleries, an international think tank dedicated to generating debate and knowledge in the field of art galleries and the art market which holds an annual symposium in Barcelona and organises talks and conferences in other cities such as London, Paris, Seoul, New York, Madrid or Berlin.