On a weekly basis we will be publishing in this section books and reports on the art market.

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_09 If you have not booked yourself a holiday yet we propose you join Sarah Thornton in this special spy
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_08 Is life after death possible? This week’s recommendation is not a philosophical one but a very practical one. On
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_07 For a long-overdue acknowledgement to the women in the art gallery business, Claudia Herstatt’s Women Gallerists: In the 20th
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_06 For this week we recommend Iain Robertson’s Understanding Art Markets: Inside the world of art and business, this in-depth
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_05 Maybe you have been navigating the art market for a while, perhaps you are a newcomer, or you are
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_04 Our weekly recommendation is to plunge into the fascinating life of Leo Castelli, a key figure in the international
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